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This beauty is hand crafted with quality Robert Kaufman Batik fabric. I found this information on their website to describe their batik fabrics:  "Each yard of these sumptuous fabrics is unique. The fabric is hand-stamped and then hand-painted multiple times, with many different pairs of hands working on every yard. Most of the work is done outside, so the weather greatly influences the results. Due to this specialized hand-process, there is a consistency to color and pattern, while maintaining subtle color variations that are so important to this traditional technique."


What does that mean for you?  It means your facemask is unique.  there will be no two masks from my yardage that look exactly the same. The tones are rich, earthy, and so so beautiful.  Pay special attention to the beautiful edging application I used.  I really think you will love this unique and beautiful face covering.  


It's been our mission to continually improve the quality, comfort, performance, fit, and style of the face masks that I sew here at Maple Creek Canyon.  I craft these personally and carefully in our home in Northeastern Nebraska.  Please take a moment to view all the photos and appreciate the attention to details that go into each and every one of our hand-crafted face coverings.   


  • Style: Deluxe - Adjustable Nose Band and Adjustable Ear Straps
  • Measures: About 9.5” across and 6.5” nose to chin.
  • Color: Orange, Green, Earthy Tones


This handsome Adult size fitted face covering has so many great features. You will appreciate a fully adjustable nose band, and fully adjustable ear loops. The ear straps are sturdy paracord and are 100% adjustable with the addition of a sliding bead for each ear.  To adjust, simply slide the bead to achieve your perfect fit. The mask is constructed with 100% pre-washed cotton front fabric, with a cotton/poly lining. Lining color may vary and will be coordinating to the main mask fabric.


The beauty of our design is that if the ties wear out you can simply remove them and insert another tie through the casing. Replacement ties can be cord, shoelaces, ribbon, elastic, etc. This design offers much more value than those with sewn in elastic ear straps as well as a much longer life for your face mask.  These offer full coverage and are so helpful to keep you from touching your face.

Deluxe Batik Orange Sunflowers Fitted Face Mask Adjustable Nose and Ear Straps