My husband wanted to represent his Bohemian heritage somehow in the masks that we have been making.  He went through my quilting stash and found a couple yards of this striking red and off white flourish fabric that struck his fancy.  He said the pattern reminded him of the design painted on hollow Czech eggs that he remembered as a boy.  I had set aside this fabric a few years ago to make a wall hanging quilt for our kitchen.  The quilt was destined to have a rooster theme to match our beautiful farm home in Eastern Nebraska.  It took time, but eventually he convinced me to turn my quilt dream into a few dozen masks for all of you.  I have named this festive mask “Kohout” which means Rooster in Czech.  Pay close attention to the beautiful detail along the edges of this festive face covering.  I used teal blue, red, and gold for this beautiful edging application.  Paul & I have made many hundreds of face masks at this point.  Our current masks are a result of a lot of research, development, and actual use of our own designs.  • This design offers a fully adjustable, comfortable wide nose band that offers exceptional seal across the top of your mask.  If you wear glasses like I do you will appreciate this thoughtful feature.  • This design has sturdy, adjustable, comfortable paracord ear straps.  Simply slide the bead to achieve your perfect fit.The mask is constructed with 100% pre-washed cotton front fabric, with a poly cotton lining.  Your new mask is reusable, washable, and beautiful.

“Kohout” Festive Red Rooster Cloth Face Mask With Adjustable Nose And Ear Straps