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At Maple Creek Canyon

Scenic Trails

It was in 2016 that I asked Paul if he could cut me a little trail so I could take a walk around the creek on our property.  Three years later he is still working on that trail tirelessly!  We now enjoy breathtaking views of our own Maple Creek Canyon from these trails on a daily basis. We invite you to do the same.  Come back often as we add photos and video of this unique Nebraska landscape right in our own back yard!

Open Air

Guided Tours

At Maple Creek Canyon

Safely cruise around the top rim of Maple Creek Canyon in a comfortable off-road open-air vehicle.  

Travel deeply into private nature habitat.  Be in touch with the sights, sounds and sweet fragrances of this extraordinary

 private wilderness, even for people who are not physically capable of hiking.

Private Hiking

All-Day Passes

At Maple Creek Canyon

This experience is ideal for photographers and nature lovers, who want to get off the beaten path for an independent adventure, and peaceful solitude in the private wilderness.  You will discover 2 completely different ecosystems  on top of the canyon rim, and down into the canyon at several access points.

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